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I am going to say something that the readers of this site (if they exist anymore) have heard too many times: I have been very, very busy. My last update was in August. I only had four entries for the year 2003. I am really ashamed for my lack of activity with this site. I mean it's 2004, and it's already late February and I have not written one update yet. This website is all but forgotten.

Moving on, I have transfered from my previous school and moved downtowm to Georgia Tech. That's right, I actually said the name of the school. In fact, I'm going to say the name of the college I came from: Morehouse College. Big revelation, huh? Anyway, I'm in the second phase of the Dual Degree program going for my actuall degree in Computer Engineering. I have run into a lot of friends who transfered over with me, and people I know who are a couple of years ahead of me. People who haven't transfered yet have asked me what it's like at Georgia Tech. I told them that it's intense but not too bad. Here is a list of what others have said:

Basically, I have given the nicest review of Georgia Tech. However, I stand by my assesment. It is very intense here and a lot of work, but if you keep at it, you can get through. I am very excited to be here. This school was my first choice going out of high school.

In other news, last month I was rear-ended, and my car needs to be repainted on the rear bumper. All parties are unharmed and this incident is currently being resolved peacefully. I have no hard feelings and the girl involved has been very cooperative. I did have to appear in court but when the case came up for enforcement (she got a ticket for following to closely), I didn't have to do anything but look nice in my gray suit. All is well, and my car will be repainted over spring break.

Also since last semester, I have grown very close with a friend of mine I have known since the summer of 2000, before this website even existed. Her name is Keisha and her best friend calls us "Keishapher" whenever we are together. We have offically been boyfriend and girlfriend since October 25th, and we are very happy together. In fact, here is an example from homecoming. Last weekend was Valentine's Day and as you can guess, we spent virtually the entire weekend together.

That pretty much covers the events over that past few months, except that I had an enjoyable Christmas break at home. Many of you may be wondering what prompted me to update my website now, since I haven't done it since August. I had an assignment for my computer science class to make a webpage. This webpage is very simple and just meets the requirements that the assignment put forth. I linked it to this website to show my full HTML prowess. Anyway, I should get a good grade on it. As usual, stay tuned and stay safe. I promise not to delay the next update by six months.

Written 2/20/2004 by Chris Taylor

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