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It should be noted that this is a gallery of what is on my mind. That means there may or may not be any photos, if that is what you were expecting.

Making my Return

Okay, I know what you are going to say. It has been about 4 months since my last update. I know that the summer is when I usually update my site the most. Well this past summer was a little different. I didn't intern this summer. Instead I went home decided to work to pay for my new car. Throughout the summer I was catching up with friends and enjoying work, things I haven't done for a few years, my website ended up taking a back burner priority.

I also took off a week to visit DisneyWorld with my family from Chicago. I had a great time and I especially enjoyed my cousin's reactions to all the rides and shows since it was his first time. We stayed in the Animal Kingdom Lodge near the Animal Kingdom park. It was great to look out your window and see giraffes feeding in the trees. That trip was definitely one of the more memorable trips I have had to DisneyWorld.

Now I am back at school (I never actually said the name of the school here, but I have linked to it so many times that you should know which school I attend by now) and things have gone more smoothly than before. I have my car on campus and I was able to get a parking permit for the lot I wanted with ease. I was able to get confirmed easily. The only hickup was my dorm didn't have a mattress, but that was taken care of in a matter of a few hours. I'm starting to wonder if I'm at the right campus. Well I'm not going to complain about it.

I'm looking foreward to starting classes on Wednesday this being my last semester here. It has been a lot of fun so far with plenty of ups and downs over the years. I'll be sure to continue to update my site more regularly as I know the readers always look foreward to my gallery entries [wry smile]. Stay tuned and stay safe!

Written 8/25/2003 by Chris Taylor

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