The Crying Eagle of 9/11/2001

The Gallery of Me (yeah, that sounds impressive)

Travel Back in Time!
All you have to do is go west. Each time zone change sends you back in time one hour. To reverse the effect, turn around and go back. The picture on the right came from my friend's page. I suggest you pay a visit. You'll enjoy the adventures he and his f-body get into.

Welcome to the forum of my mind. The Online Gallery contains articles and/or pictures I have composed. Check it out! The other two choices, well, I don't know either. Check them out and tell me what's up with them.

  • The Gallery showcases my thoughts and works
  • Cruise Tickets: If you really want to go, check it out.
  • Tour Map: Cool, where are we going?
  • The Archives holds previous gallery entries. Easy to figure out.
  • Home: It goes back to the main page. I'm sure you are familiar with home links by now.

You really don't have to bother with the other two links if you don't want to. They will lead to actual sites that deal with the titled topic. By the way, did you find the secret? If you did, then I'm sorry for my curt tone.

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