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Catching Up Again

Once again I must catch up because I have let two months go by without an update. For that I deeply apologize. As I have mentioned in my previous entry, I had Thanksgiving and finals coming up. I went to my cousin's house for Thanksgiving and had a great time. I saw the new James Bond movie twice that week. Then I had to study for and take my finals. After that I went back home for vacation. I caught up with friends and enjoyed the holidays. My aunt and uncle even came down to visit.

Then I came back to school. The school boasts that there are no more lines for registration, but what if the system keeps kicking you out of one of your classes for a test score error that doesn't exist? I have to keep checking to see if my classes are all there periodically to make sure. The Registrar's Office said it would be fixed yesterday, but it's still kicking me out of one of my classes. I checked it before updating the site today, and I had to put it back again for the 6th time. Hopefully they will get it straight by the end of the week.

Other than that, things are going well. My classes are very interesting, as I am taking a lot of humanities and social sciences for my core curriculum requirements. I'm looking forward to this semester. I would like to congratulate Morgan for her acceptance into her school of choice. She's very smart and quite qualified. I'm very proud of her. On that note, I will say have a happy new year and finally: stay tuned and stay safe.

Written 1/16/2003 by Chris Taylor

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