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It should be noted that this is a gallery of what is on my mind. That means there may or may not be any photos, if that is what you were expecting.

Catching Up

First off, I would like to apologize for my tardiness in updating the gallery. I have been very busy lately and could not find time to maintain the web site. With homecoming, then midterms, then the Florida Club, then more tests, and finally Thanksgiving (by the way, happy Thanksgiving!), I was all over the place. Some things had to move to the back burner. However, I have been thinking about what to talk about when I do update the site.

So far I have nothing. I could talk about what I have heard in the news, but it's been about the war in Afganistan and those people who are interested in news about it can watch real news, and those who don't want to hear about it would not want me to talk about it. So there went that idea. What else could I talk about?

I was too busy over the past month to really worry about not having something to talk about. I guess I could say I was waiting for something to happen worth discussing. It hasn't really happened yet. It finally started to rain here. It's been dry for a couple of months now. I know, that's boring and doesn't go anywhere. I guess I'm not having the adventures like I usually do, or what has been going on is too normal to turn into an adventure.

How about I talk about what I will be doing. The Glee Club will be having their Christmas concert this Friday and Sunday. I will be ushering the event. I'll have a tuxedo and everything. Things do get interesting as it turns out that I also have a biology test schedueled for the same evening. I will be taking the test, and my friends know I may be a little late, but I will have to take the test in a tuxedo. How's that for adventure?

I knew some adventure would come along! Well technically it hasn't come yet, but it's still interesting. This means I haven't lost my touch. It just went numb for a while. Now it's back, or it will be by the end of the week. Then I can give an update on how the concert went. It's a happy ending after all!

Written 11/26/2001 by Chris Taylor

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