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Yes, I'm Still Here

Months have past since I last communicated with you through this forum. Since then I had midterms, in which I scored A's and one B+, and then there was Spring Break. There were good times had by all. Then I came back to school to resume work and the war finally starts in Iraq. Whether or not we should be having this war is a whole other discussion altogether, so I won't go into that. However, I would like to express my support for our soldiers fighting in the Middle East and I pray for their safe return, especially those troops currently held captive by the enemy.

There is something I do want to address, and it's quite trivial compared to what I just mentioned. That is the live clock on the front page of my web site. Or at least, it was live in older versions of web browsers. It seems the only one it works in is Internet Explorer. I have tried upgrading it to the latest version of this javascript application, but it still doesn't work. At the moment, the clock doesn't appear on the screen, only the last update date. It's going to have to stay that way until, I figure this out. In the meantime, the rest of my web site is fully functional.

(After about 10 minutes) The clock is back up and works in Netscape and Internet Explorer, but not in Safari yet. That browser shows the time and date but it will not update itself like in the other browsers. Safari is brand new and is still in the beta stage, so some things still don't work under that browser. Also, it does work in internet explorer, but it will draw a huge box to put the clock in. I have no idea why it does this, but it's there. I'm working on that one, too. I will have to check it on PC computers, but I have a feeling it will do the same there. Those using Netscape are in the "good group."

I have to get back to work, hence why my last update was back in January. I'll do my best to bring my next update sooner than two months. Hopefully, I'll be back next week. I must emphasize the word "hopefully." As always, stay tuned and stay safe!

Written 3/25/2003 by Chris Taylor

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