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When Time Flies

School is in full swing everyday has been busy, even the weekends. Today is no exception. I had a quiz in my Electricity and Magnetism class, and I did very well on it. Well, I haven't received the grade yet, but I feel condfident about it. I have looked at the school's scheduele and I have realized something. Mid-terms start after next weeek. Are we this far in the semester already? It seems like I just got back in town last Sunday. I would have finished that cliché with "yesterday" but I always come back in town on a Sunday. It's always amazing how fast we get through the semester. Maybe it seems so fast because I have been working so hard.

Keep in mind that it is still September and there's still a lot of time after mid-terms for more assignments and tests to be given. And lab work. I cannot forget about the lab work. Mentioning that it's September reminds me that my father's birthday is coming up on Saturday. Happy Birthday Dad! You don't look a day older than ... how old are you now? Just kidding!

One last thing I want to mention. Isadore has made the weather here very gloomy and I know that this isn't the only place that feels this way. In fact, the entire Eastern Seaboard and half the Gulf Coast knows what I'm talking about. I hope the people in Louisiana are doing well during this ordeal. Being from Florida, I know what hurricanes are like. Stay tuned and stay safe!

Written 9/26/2002 by Chris Taylor

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