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Rest and Relaxation for a Month

I have not updated this site for a month. I have been on a long deserved vacation. Now I am back at college again and classes have started yesterday. This past month has been a lot of fun and very restful. I am ready for another semester. I'm pretty sure of it.

After I got home, the first thing I did was I got a haircut. This time the whole afro was cut off. I wanted to go for a change of pace. I went with the family to DisneyWorld and Sanibel Island. At DisneyWorld, we rode all the rides we planned to ride in one day, some of them more than once. The next day was spent in Sanibel Island, where we relaxed on the beach and took pictures of the sunset.

The rest of the month was spent getting reaquanted with my friends, and relaxing at home. I did some swimming in the pool. Well I cleaned the pool first, and then I went swimming. I guess it isn't all rest and relaxation.

As I have mentioned I am back at school and the trouble started quickly. I go to get confirmed and they say I have no classes (problem has been resolved), I try to sign on to the school's internet network and the system gives me an "Account Disabled" message (problem has been solved), and my math class has been assigned to a classroom that has also been assigned to a psycology class (I'll find out if the problem is solved tomorrow). This is going to be a good semester, I can tell.

Written 8/29/2002 by Chris Taylor

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