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Closing Time

I hope everyone had a nice Independence Day. I know I did, but that's not what I'm going to talk about. What is news is what's been going on at my own apartment complex. This all started about two weeks ago. A form was left on my door for me to fill out and return to the leasing office. It was an information update form so the office can have the most current information make sure my keycard works to open the gate. Since I moved in, the gate has stayed open continuously. The office decided that it should be closed.

The form also explained that the gate will be closed the coming Monday. I told my ride to expect to find the gate closed on Monday and be prepared to use the guest box to call me so I could let him in. I woke up Monday morning and looked out the window. The gate was still open. I was a little suprized but I figured that they were going to close it later in the day. I went to work, and when I returned home, it was still open.

Confused, I went through my week as usual. On Thursday, I saw an electrician working on the guest box and another sign stating that the gate will be closed on the next Monday (July 1st). I figured they got it right this time. Monday came and went and the gate remains open. The only difference now is that there is yellow caution tape everywhere and a sign that can be seen on the way out that reads "The gate closes tonight. Do you have your keycard?" I do have my keycard. I've always carried it since I moved in. Are they ready for me to use it?

Eventually, I went to the office to pay the rent. At that moment I asked about the gate. They explained that a lightning hit pretty much destroyed the computer that controls the gate just before they were actually going to close it. Since then it's been a slew of problems trying to get the system to work so they can finally close it.

Well, I'm not complaining about the delay in closing the gate. It matters little to me whether it stays open or closed. I just thought it was an interesting course of events. It may not be headline news, but hey! It's still something. Let's see what other developments will come up next. Stay tuned and stay safe!

P.S. - Hi Morgan! Have fun dealing with the little one!

Written 7/5/2002 by Chris Taylor

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