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Setting the Pace

I'm in the middle of the third week of my internship this summer, and things are going great. The other internship programs started this week, so I'm no longer the lone intern in the office. Because I have been here longer, I am the ranking intern. Well, I am in my own head. Anyway, what I was getting at was that I'm ahead of scheduele in my work. Like I said, I'm in the middle of week three and according to my scope of work, I've done the work up to week six. I guess they overestimated how long it takes me to work on web pages.

Being this far ahead gives me free time for other adventures. The other interns are studying to be structural engineers, so they will be working on various projects. Of course, they appreciate an extra hand to help. That's where I come in. My mentor and I agree that I should tag along in the lab so I can gain exposure and help out. Besides, I need an understanding into what I'm working on if I'm working on a web site about it.

Now there are a couple of small hassles. They're not really at hassle level. First off, next week is a mandatory resume building seminar. I already have a resume. However, there's always something I can learn, and it may prove useful to improve my current resume. The second "hassle" is smaller than the first. The battery in my watch finally died after 3 years of appreciated service. The assistant manager in the office offered to order in a replacement since they did not have any in stock. The problem is that the order has been put on hold and may not come in until early next week. I can get along without my watch; it's just an inconvenience.

One last thing: the headlines on my front door have finally been changed. It seems that they will change each week. I can live with that. There are some interesting stories in this batch. I suggest reading the first one listed. Stay tuned and stay safe!

Written 6/5/2002 by Chris Taylor

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