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An Extra Hour

Alright, I did not update this site at all last week. It was really busy at work. This week is considerably slower. I do have a feeling that it will pick up later in the week. I have meetings on Thursday and Friday, so that will stir things up. Other than that, it's business as usual. There is one other factor that kept me from working on the site last week that I almost forgot to mention.

Last Wednesday, I got sick. It only lasted about half a day, but I missed work. As an Intern, I do not get any vacation days or sick days, so i have to make this day up. That's right, I now have to work an extra hour a day to untill I make up the day I lost. It's not that big of a deal, I can make that extra hour go by quickly. I do want to thank my mentor, who bought me some Peptol Bismol (gotta love the pink stuff) that day. I felt much better after I had some of that.

I also received my watch last week. It's amazing how just a small piece of battery powerd equipment can hold so much information. I was able to load all my phone numbers, all my todo items, and all my known appointments for the next year in this watch. Now if I need to look up something quickly, I no longer have to reach into my pocket. I save myself .725 seconds. Every little bit helps.

Now go and see where you can save .725 seconds in your life. There may be several things that apply. Or save yourself minutes and not do what I just said. It's all up to you. Stay tuned and stay safe!

Written 6/25/2002 by Chris Taylor

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