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Counting the Days

I have three days of classes left. I then have about three days next week when I'm taking tests. I then move to Alabama to start my internship with NASA. I get about a week off before my internship starts. I'll be working for about 10 weeks, and I finally go home July 26th. I'll get about a month of vacation then school starts again and the whole process starts over. I think we should stop now and tally up the days I'm not working.

Well there's about a weeks worth for reading period days before finals and a couple days during finals week when I don't have any tests. Then there is a full week after that before my internship starts. Of course I have weekends off during this internship, so I'm not going to even consider those days. I do get the Fourth of July off so there's another day. Then comes the month of August. So I have about a month and a half of actual vaction. Plus it's not consecutive. Most people get three months. I'm getting just half that.

I'm not complaining about my situation. I don't have to do the internship, keep my scholarship, and go to school. I choose to do so. I'm just curious to how all the numbers added up. Keep in mind that was a rough estimate I conducted. I get a little curious like this sometimes.

One last thing. I decided to change the color of the textured background. I know that on windows computers the backgorund looks yellow. That doesn't bother me much. However on Macs, the color is more pink. I'll be changing it to a light blue. By the time you read this, the change would already be made and you would have noticed and said "Ooooooh!" Well, I'm going to work on the new look and you have fun. Sign my guestbook to tell my what you think of the new look. Stay safe and stay tuned!

Written 4/29/2002 by Chris Taylor

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