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Feburary Jollies and Follies

A lot happened to me over the past month. Those of you who visit my website frequently may have noticed the anouncement on the front page. The Cali-Florida party went well and a lot of people came out to have a good time. It was hard work promoting it, but it was worth it.

Two weekends ago, my school had it's open house. I'm proud to say that I was one of the guides and a lot of prospective students came out to see the school, including a friend from my high school. As a result of my help, I am now about to be trained as a tour guide for the college. More business for me.

Now to the big news. Last Wednesday, I suffered a small injury on my right wrist in the chemistry lab. I'm fine. I only got three stitches and they didn't hurt when the doctor put them in. I did learn a lesson: when you drop something made of glass, let it drop. Don't be a hero. I was handling a crucible (small, porcelain cup) with some tongs. The crucible slipped out and I tried to catch it. The crucible hit the counter and broke into two pieces before my hands got to it. One of the pieces entered the side of my wrist and left a impressive gash.

I immediately went to the infirmary, who then informed me that I have to go to the hospital. They arranged for a taxi to take me. I didn't have to pay for it, but my Chemistry professor feels that there should be a better way to get students to the hospital in emergencies. Anyway, I get to the hospital emergnecy room. Or should I say the emergency room lobby? I wait about ten minutes before I'm called in to be diagnosed. Then I wait another thirty minutes before I go take care of insurance. Then comes the long three hour wait before they call me in to get treated. Now I'm in my own room, where I wait another hour before the doctor finally sees me. The entire process of getting the stitches takes less than a half an hour.

This is the emergency room, right? I was at the hospital for about 5 hours with less then an hour of action. Well, I'm just glad that the injury was not serious and my stitches come out tomorrow. I will be getting them removed in the school's infirmary. That means I don't have to take another taxi ride to the hospital. Yay!

I have to get ready for midterms next week, and I'm going home for Spring Break, so my next update probably will not come until after then. Besides, I seem to be updating my site every month anyway. Stay safe, and don't be a hero!

Written 2/26/2002 by Chris Taylor

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