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Christmas Vacation

I certainly had a wonderful vatcation these past few weeks. It was a lot crammed in. Christmas shopping, my birthday, my best friend's birthday, Christmas, that lull after Christmas, New Year's, and finally that week after New Years. And the airport, where I happen to be right now. This time I'm in the Ft. Lauderdale airport. There isn't much to tell about that except it's a lot of shoeless fun going through security.

Christmas shopping started off slow. I never know what my friends want. That is untill we all got together and went to Best Buy and we had a shopping jamboree. We all picked out what we wanted and assigned someone for it to be from. That way we were all happy. My friend and I got double because our birthdays were coming up.

My parents surprized me for my birthday because they gave me what I asked for Christmas on my birthday instead. We ate at Red Lobster, my favorite restaurant, and of course, I had the lobster. When my friend's birthday came I was out of town that day and he was working all day. Some birthday. By the way, birthday is December 19th, and I turned 20 this past birthday.

Christmas was no bigger deal than it usually is. I got stuff to go with my birthday gift and some warm clothes for when I go back to school. My grandpa gave me six pens from his new job. Well, he originally gave me one. I mentioned I really like it, and he sent me five more. Don't get me wrong, these are quality pens. They look like expensive business type pens.

Then there was a lull after Christmas. I went to my other friend's house and helped him work on his car. That was fun, and I learned a lot about how to take apart an engine. Then New Years came. I had all my friends come over to my house. We drank sparkling apple cider, and watched Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail. We paused it ten minutes before midnight, and continued the movie two minutes after. Then there was a lull after New Years. All in all, I had a great time.

Written 1/6/2002 by Chris Taylor

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