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Let the Games Begin!

I have been away last week because I am now in Atlanta for college. The new semester starts tomorrow and I am ready. There are a couple of glitches, of course. I'll start with yesterday's problem. Luckly, this one was worked out yesterday. There are a couple other problems I will have to work out tomorrow. But considering what I have been through, these are rather minor and will be fixed quite easily.

Well first of, I arrived at my dorm on Sunday, moved in, and got requainted with friends I haven't seen since last semester. Yesterday, was the big errand day. I had to go to get my stuff back out of storage. That was no problem, thanks to the lead RA in my dorm; I was just very tired after that. But before that happened, I had to deal with financial aid. That means dealing with an administrative department of my school. All I really needed to do was sign a promissory note, or so I thought.

I got to department to find that there was no line for the promissory note section. I thought I could just walk up, sign, get confirmed (from another desk which also has no line), and leave. That's how it was supposed to happen. I get there and there's no note waiting for me. I find out that my loan has not been placed on my account and I have to wait in line to talk to my advisor and tell her I want the loan. Apparently, not everything is automatic. I wait in line for three hours. I was very thankful that they put out chairs for the various lines people have to wait in. I get through it with help of games on my palm. I'm told I have to come back in a couple of days and the promissory note will be ready for me. There should be no line for that. I got confirmed earlier today, because their records don't show any financial changes untill the next day.

The other minor problems are rather simple. One is that I still need to buy my World Literature book because there are several different books for the same subject. I have to buy a certain one based on the teacher I have. My teacher is listed as "staff" on my schedule. When I go to class tomorrow, that will be solved. The other problem is that my Teusday - Thursday engineering class location is labeled "To Be Announced." That problem can also easliy be solved. I know the instructor and I can ask him where that class will be held. That's basically all there is to it for now.

Written 8/28/2001 by Chris Taylor

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