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10 and a half hours

I am writing this a day early because I am in the airport in Atlanta, and I have nothing to do. The current time is 9:06pm. I have been here since 2:30pm and my plane to Ft. Lauderdale is scheduled to leave at 11:55pm. No it's not the result of flight delays or plane shifting. This is on purpose. My father and I planned it that way. Let me back up.

I have finished my ten week internship. My time in Huntsville is over, and so I am on my way home for the first time in four months. My dad came to Huntsville the day before to help me move back home. He spent the weekend in my apartment whiel he helped me back and clean. In fact, the local Target had a fireworks show in my honor (well not in my honor). It was spectacular nontheless.

You may be wondering why I'm in Atlanta now when I have been in Hunstville. Well, I had business to handle in Atlanta, and we wanted to make sure we had plenty of time for the plane just in case something went wrong. But it didn't, and now we are left with a lot of time. So, here I sit, writing this installment and listening to my music. Pretty boring. Well, I have only two and a half hours left.

I'm looking forward to the plane trip. I have flown this airline many times, as have most people. I have flown back and fourth betweem Atlanta and Ft. Lauderdale several times. I have my computer (obviously), so I just pop in a DVD and cruuuuuse. I used italics a lot this time 'round.

True it will be two in the morning when I get home, but I don't care. I'll be home. That's all that matters. And even though this is officially my vacation time, it's going to be a whole new adventure. Hopefully none of them will involve tardy paychecks.

I do have to complaints that have just come up. The airline changed the gate to board the plane without making an announcement, and the flight was delayed 20 minutes without an explination. This happens a lot when it shouldn't. I saw a report on this a long time ago on 20/20. It's bad business practice that people seem to tolerate all too often. Check that, they don't tolerate it, but there's nothing they can do about it.

Written 7/29/2001 by Chris Taylor

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