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Everything Blows Bubbles

In my quest for knowledge of the Internet, I have discovered something very comical out there. It may not be that educational, althought I have learned a thing or two, but it is worth time talking about. It is a web site called Everything Blows. Now, I don't agree that everything blows, but they do raise points that others may be afraid to talk about.

Mista Lucky and Chasmo
The two authors. Mista Lucky is on the left and Chasmo is on the right.

For instance they had one article that cronicles the adventure an MIT student had with Nike and their custom shoe promotion. Nike will allow you to have any word printed underneath the logo on your shoe. Of course, Nike has rules about inproper word choices, but they may have gone a litte too far. Or maybe not. Read their article and find out for yourself. It's good for a laugh.

After perusing some of their articles, laughing, and reading some more, I realized I am somewhat like them. The difference is these guys are professionals and I am some guy who got some free space on the internet. They have their own ".com" for a URL. I have to have "tripod" attached to mine. I have adds for credit cards on my page (at the time of this writing). Then again, that happens to be the credit card company I use, so it's like I'm endorsing a product I actually use, and I'm fine with that.

These guys are also older than me, so they have more experience. I can tell they are older because they talk about stuff that happened before I was born. There are a whole bunch of differences I can list, but that would be a lot of scrolling for you. However, there is one more difference worth mentioning, since it's the biggest one. They seem to hate everything, and I tend to like some things. I'm writing about how I like something right now. If it were the other way around, they would be writing about how bad my site is. But they wouldn't be wasting their time over my little, old site.

You may be wondering where I found this site, since I was surfing to further my web knowledge. There was actually a link to it in a Webmonkey tutorial about using ColdFusion to make a databased web site. Who'd a thought? By the way, ColdFusion is not nuclear physics but a scripting language in the web world. Just thought I'd clear that up.

Written 7/16/2001 by Chris Taylor

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