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Ushering In the Holiday Season

Ushering at the Glee Club Christmas Concert was a great experience. I had a lot of fun and I got to tell people "You can't go down that isle. You have to go around." They insist their seat is right there, but I have to tell them again. This only happens when the concert is about to start and the Glee Club is lined up and ready to march into the auditorium. The isle they want to use needs to be kept clear and I am the guardian that makes sure of that. Those lined up cheered me on to stay strong, which I did. The concert was great both nights I worked. It was definitely something I would like to do again next year.

That was last weekend. Something else great happened last Thursday. That was the NASA Scholar Christmas party. It was catered, and there were prizes. The winners of the prizes were determined by drawing names out of a basket. They had several prizes, too. At first they were various school sweatshirts. Then address books and organizers bearing the school seal. Then the nicer stuff came out. A nice crystal mug with the school seal on it, a TI-83 Caclulator, and finally the grand prize: A Brand New Cell Phone.

As luck would have it, I won the grand prize. Those may remember that I already have another cell phone noted in a previous story. This one is much better. It has many more features and it's digital. My previous phone is analog. I found out a couple of days ago that the state of Florida has switch their cell phone towers to all digital. This means that my old cell phone is obsolete there, but my new phone is A-OK! I got my one of my Christmas/Birthday presents a little early this year.

So now I go home in less than a week. My birthday is in ten days, and Christmas is about two weeks away. I'm definitely looking foreward to this vacation. I worked hard over this semester, and I earned a break. I think we all deserve a break. It was a wild fall season full of dispair and anger. I just have three finals to get through first.

Written 12/9/2001 by Chris Taylor

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