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All Work, then All Play ... Right?

I didn't write a gallery article last week because I had about four midterms to study for. Three of which were last Friday, the last one was earlier today. Since midterm week is officially over on Wednesday, Homecoming (which starts the next day) will be a sweet reward. But before we get into that, I do have good news to share about two of the tests from Friday. I did get two of the test back, one was an A and the other was a 65 ... out of a possible 60. The first test was Linear Algebra and the second was Statics (no, not statistics). I also received extra credit in the Statics test that helped my first test grade. That test has now become an A (105/100 to be exact).

As you can see, the upcoming week is well deserved. I will be going to the concert, the comedy night, the tailgate party (free food!), the game (of course), and ... wait something is missing. The fashion show! Where's the fashion show? Well I have a flyer advertising a fashion show at another school, but my school ID will get me a discount. This is because the fashion show is for my homecoming, but my school cancelled our planned fashion show because of the "graphic nature" of of our fashion show last year.

In other words, this is just some random fashon show that happens to be held the Monday (today) before Homecoming week officially starts (Thursday). Whether all this is good or bad depends. Last year's fashion show was very well done, and the part that was deemed offensive was only really offensive to a select few in the administration. If this fashion show is as good or better than last year's performance, then let's run with it. If it is poorly done, then let's return the fashion show back to my school, where it has been apart of the Homecoming tradition.

There is something else that has been bothering me last week that I would have talked about if I didn't have to study. This is about AOL Instant Messanger. More specifically it's chat function. My friends back home and I keep in touch online through this program. I can talk to several friends at once with the aid of the chat room. Lately there has been problems with AIM's chat function. Allow me to specify

The problem has many forms. First, sometimes I'll log on and the chat function will not be available. I cannot initiate any chat rooms. Second, my friend will try to invite me to the chat room we use. Instead of immediately receiving the invitation, I get an error message saying that someone tried to invite me but the chat room could not be created. Other times I will get the invitation, but when I accept, the chat room cannot be found.

In all these cases, the chat room is already in existence and my friends are in it waiting for me. I am still trying to figure out what keeps causing these problems. I have sent a bug report to AOL, but I'm not expecting any response soon or at all. I tried switching IP addresses, signing off and signing on again, and restarting the computer to see if that works. Sometimes it does, but usually it doesn't. I guess this is AOL's way of retaliating for my last article.

Written 10/22/2001 by Chris Taylor

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